Master Plan

This Master Plan is a policy document that identifies how growth and associated land development should be guided to enhance the future welfare of Locke Township.

Chapter 1 : Overview -presents an overview of the purpose and role of the Plan, the process followed in its preparation, key planning policies, and a summary of Township conditions.
Chapter 2 : Planning Issues, Goals, and Objectives - presents a discussion of important planning issues facing the Township today, and associated goals and objectives that address these issues.
Chapter 3 : Future Land Use Strategy - presents the planned future land use pattern for the Township.
Chapter 4 : Public Service Strategy - presents policies regarding future public services.
Chapter 5 : Implementation Strategies - presents implementation measures to effectuate the policies of the Plan.
Appendix A - Cultural Features
Appendix B - Environmental Features
Appendix C - Demographic Features
Appendix D - Inventory Maps
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